Steps To Take When You Detect Bed Bug Issues

All of a sudden you wake up with mysterious itchy red welts on the back of your palms. You even see strange red-brown spots on the pillowcase. You identified that there are bed bugs!

What to do?

The possibility of bed bug infestation can make calm minded people turn anxious because they are popular to spread rapidly creating havoc. The first step is not to panic. If you think there are bed bugs in the room, then –

  • Don’t move the furniture out from the room
  • Don’t rip the carpet
  • Don’t throw away the mattress and other stuff away in a hurry
  • Don’t use pesticides

These activities can spread the infestation of bugs all across the home.

Don’t act hastily!

Punaises de lit qui piquent [bedbugs that sting] leave stains and even soil your bedding as well as the furniture. They are hard and costly to get rid of as well as carry a social stigma. The last one can be the cause of psychological distress. Remember, there is no immediate threat as bed bugs don’t spread diseases like other blood-suckers – mosquito and ticks.


Many bed bugs look alike includes spider beetles, carpet beetles, bat bugs and roach nymphs. Check the guides that show the appearance and size of bedbugs across their lifecycle. They are active at night and hide during daylight. Look for cast skin, eggs, and bugs in screw holes, cracks, crevices, furniture joints, seams, under mattress tags, seams, baseboards and bed frames.

Check for characteristics like brown or black stain spots on your mattress or baseboard or bedding or walls. If there are bed bugs, then you will notice some tell-tale signs. They don’t fly or are microscopic but can be seen with your naked eyes.

Professional help

Never try to eliminate bed bugs with insecticides available at the hardware or online stores. Spraying can kill some but scatter the rest. This can worsen the issue a lot more. Heat and steam are other techniques applied to kill bed bugs.

Growth inhibiting chemicals are also sprayed and powder can be dusted to injure the bugs physically. However, all these techniques need professional training and proper equipment.

When you plan to hire a pest control operator, then make sure to do thorough research. The pest control technicians need to offer follow-up inspections because effective treatment needs an elongated approach.

Take preventive steps to keep bed bugs away from your home. Regularly wash bed sheets and vacuum carpet and upholstery. Carry a single bag but ensure that there is not tiny insect crawling. The best idea is to have a clean, air-tight container near the front door, so that when you return home your belongings get sealed in it.

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